Emergency MFA Bypass – Live

The emergency MFA Bypass utility is now live for currently active students. To use this method, students must have access to their SHIP.EDU email as it is used to validate their identity. Once initiated, students will receive an email addressed to their SHIP.EDU email account containing a personalized link for initiating the bypass process. Students will have one hour to use this link and initiate the process before the code expires. Once the process has been initiated, students will only have 5 minutes to log into their sponsored GMail account. Once logged in, they will be prompted to configure their MFA setting if they have not already done so.

Please note, this method has a finite number of uses so it is highly recommended that students configure MFA the first time they use this method. Students who fail to configure MFA and exceed the maximum number of uses will have their accounts terminated as they are officially failing to comply with a defined School of Engineering policy.

The link to the Bypass Request Form is:

There will be some minor modifications to the current FAQs which will include this link and a basic description of how and why it should be used.

At this time, this method can only be utilized by users who are actively enrolled at Shippensburg University. A modified system for alumni, which will require a faculty sponsor, is in tested and should be available in the next few weeks.