Overview of the For Students Section

The pages included in this section contain information specifically intended for the use of any student pursuing a Computer Science or one of our Engineering Degrees. Much of this information is also helpful for students taking a general education course provided by the School of Engineering. As college students, you are expected to be able to do research, think critically and follow detailed instructions. This means that you should review this information for answers before additional assistance, especially the first few sections.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: This is the first place students should look for answers. As the School of Engineering does not have a traditional help desk, we provide information, self-service utilities, and step-by-step directions so students learn to diagnose and resolve their own issues. Some FAQs contain links to other pages with more details information. Remember you are in the School of Engineering and you, in addition to learning your program specific material, should be developing research and critical thinking skills.
  • User Accounts Explained: You will receive additional accounts from the School of Engineering. This page explains the differences between your SHIP account and your ENGR accounts. This includes information about what and where the different accounts would be used.
  • Password Reset Request: This is the form used to initiate a password reset when you are unable to remember the password for the account used to log into School of Engineering lab computers. This requires access to your SHIP.EDU email. This reset utility can NOT be used to reset a Gmail account.
  • Essential Software: As the name implies, this section related to software critical to number of the engineering programs offered at Shippensburg. You can find write ups for Solidworks, Cadence, Civil 3D, the JetBrains IDEs, and more…
  • VPN Access for SoE Students: A detailed walk-though of the installation process for the AnyConnect software when using Windows.
  • Programming Tutorials: As with any skill, you sometimes need a few different perspectives to fully understand a topic. In addition, the more you practice the better you get. We have compiled a collection of links which will take you to language tutorials and a number of sites which provide practice problems, with example solutions. (NEW)
  • Language Documentation: This page provides a link collection to both the official and some community supported language documentation for Java, Python, and C.
  • Department Resources: This is detailed listing of the various resources provided by the School of Engineering to assist you throughout your academic career.
  • Registration Procedures: This page contains information related to registration, such as: getting your PIN, changing your major, and requesting an override/substitution.
  • Registration Information: This page includes the current program check sheets, access to an archive of previous check sheets, and prerequisite flowcharts. You will also find links to the School of Engineering’s academic dishonesty policy and to pages containing other important forms.
  • Clubs: This provides a brief overview of the clubs sponsored by the School of Engineering
  • SoE Calendar: Just another link to get to the School of Engineering calendar.