Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. In this section we hope to provide answers to most of the questions you may have. The content of this page will be updated regularly to reflect any changes made to the systems, infrastructure or processes which would affect our current students.


1. How do I get help? <== READ ME!

2. How do I reset / change the password for my Active Directory account used to access the lab machines?

3. I was told to use my Gmail account for something, how do I access it?

4. When attempting to login to my sponsored Gmail account, I received a message that says my account can not be found. How do I resolve this issue?

5. When attempting to login to my sponsored Gmail account, I received a message that my settings don’t meet the organization’s 2-Step verification policy. How do I resolve this issue?

6. How do I reset / change the password for my GMail account?

7. I am having issues logging into my account on a lab machine. I have already reset my password. What should I do?

8. My professor says I am supposed to use Sloop/Clipper for my coursework, how do I do that?

9. I am getting an error when trying to run software that the licensing server can not be found / no license is available. What should I do?

10. Can I access my School of Engineering files from non-ENGR computers?

11. What kind of computer do I need as a student in one of the School of Engineering Programs?

12. I want to print my file; how can I do that with no printers installed on the CS&E computers?

13. What is the procedure I need to follow if I find that I need weekend or off-hours access to one of the computer labs?

14. How do I get additional software added to the machines and/or departmental servers?

15. I need to reserve/sign out departmental resources for class or a special project. How do I do this?

16. My account no longer allows me to log into the lab machines or servers, what should I do?

17. I have received an email reminding me to log out of lab machines. What is the proper way to log out of the lab computers?

18. I want to archive my files from the department server:

19. Under Linux, I can’t find Eclipse, what should I do?

20. My browser will not connect to the Internet. What can I do?

21. I am having scaling issues with some of the programs we use under Windows on my QHD+ equipped laptop. Is there a fix?

22. Your question here… Have a question which you think others would benefit from knowing the answer?