Department Resources

PB194093-Orig-1024x768As a student in the School of Engineering, you have numerous additional resources available to you. ** Please note, many of these resources are only available from on-campus or while running a VPN session. These include:

  • Department Facilities: Our department operates on our own VLAN, utilizing our own infrastructure and workstation configurations. For more detailed information, please visit the Facilities section of our site.
  • Google Apps for Education: As part of the department, you now have a Gmail account which is part of our domain. As part of this program, you have access to email, chat, shared calendars, and much more. Additionally, you have a Google Drive account with significant online storage. This account is also required to access School of Engineering software downloads. Graduates of the School of Engineering are allowed to keep their Google Apps account for as long as they remain active and in compliance with usage guidelines. For additional information, check out FAQs #3-6 or the Google Apps tutorials.
  • Microsoft Azure for Education: (Formerly known as Imagine: (Formerly known as Dreamspark)) This is a Microsoft program which supports technical education by providing software for students, faculty and computer labs. Using this resource, students in our department can download Microsoft software packages such as Windows Servers, Visual Studio, Microsoft operating systems and more. When Microsoft pulled this program in-house and re-branded it yet again, they removed support for subdomains. The new program is now tied to your standard SHIP.EDU account and provides all the same tools it did before and more. Use the Education Hub to download software or start learning today!
  • VMware Academic Program: This is a VMware program which provides one-year licenses to their various virtualization products including vCenter, ESXi, Fusion and Workstation. (Access granted by special request) – for most use cases, we recommend VM Workstation Player

  • ACM Digital Library: The digital library provided by the Association for Computing Machinery. You can use this resource to access technical journals and academic papers. Off campus access is provided by logging into the Shippensburg University library’s database portal found HERE.
  • Microsoft Office 365: All students at Shippensburg University are eligible for a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus during their time as students. This suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote.
  • MobilePrint: Using this web-based utility, students have access to all the campus printers from any devices, including the computers in the CS&E labs. For directions, please review THIS documentation.
  • Technical Assistance: While we do not have dedicated support personnel in the traditional sense, our Systems Manager often makes time for providing assistance beyond what the University’s student help desk can provide. If you need assistance getting software running, have issues with your personal machine, need assistance with your departmental accounts, or simply want to try something extreme, email or stop by MCT152 and ask for help. However, if your issue is already covered by an FAQ, you will simply be told to go back and follow those instructions.
  • Essential Software: There are a few software packages which are extremely useful listed on this page. In addition, program specific software which is available for students to install on their personal devices is covered in detail. These packages include Cadence, Solidworks, the JetBrains IDEs and more…
  • Pre-Configured Software: There may be times that you will need the software we use in our labs when you are away from them. To make sure you are using compatible software configuration, we offer a number of different software packages as downloads. Simply download, unzip and run.
  • Virtual Machines: One of the things we provide which many students find useful are the preconfigured Linux virtual machine. This can be downloaded, uncompressed and run on any computer with one of the VMware products installed.
  • ISO Repository**: Many of the classes in our program require something more than a standard Windows installation. While we do have pre-built VM images, some students would rather build their own. To make things easier, we have a network share with ISO images for many of the popular distros.
  • Resetting Passwords: Everyone forgets things once in a while. As such, we offer a way for students to reset the password they use to access departmental resources. You will need to know your credentials for your SHIP.EDU account.
  • AnyConnect VPN: There may be times that you will need access to technology resources when you are not on campus. To facilitate this, students actively enrolled in School of Engineering are provided access to the University’s AnyConnect VPN Portal. Please follow the directions found on the updated informational page VPN Access for School of Engineering Students.