Registration Procedures

Getting Your Pin

You need a new Alternate PIN every semester before you can schedule.  You get this PIN from your advisor.  You should use your google calendar to request an appointment (there is a tutorial for how to do that here).  You should be sure to do this BEFORE your scheduling time.

You can find who is your advisor and when your scheduling time is on

Changing your Major

If you want to change your major to or from any of our programs, you can follow the University Registrar’s information posted at:

Requesting a Substitution

There are situations where a student would like to change a major requirement – substituting a different course to meet a requirement.  If you would like to substitute a course for a particular requirement, you can request a change to your degree requirements using a substitution form. You and your advisor must fill out the form and then give it to the Department Chair for approval.

Requesting an Override

If you are having trouble registering for a class, you may need an override.

Type of Override
Problem it solves
REQ Missing pre or co requisite
DEPT You have not declared Computer Science, Software Engineering or Computer Engineering, but you would like to take CSC 107
TIME Two classes you need have a time conflict and you would like to register them both
CLOSED Banner is showing that there are no seats left in a section or course you need

NOTE:  There are no pre-requisites on CSC 110, CSC 106, and CSC 107.  If you are getting a pre-requisite error when registering those courses, you are not registering them correctly.  The lab is a co-requisite for the lecture, so you cannot register one without registering for the other one.  Therefore, you MUST put the BOTH on your worksheet, and THEN click “Register.”

You can request an override to remove this issue using this web form. Your request will be immediately emailed to the Department Chair and your advisor.  Please note that your advisor, the professor(s) of the class(es) and the Department Chair will have to approve this request.