Current clubs include:

  • Programming Team: An fun way to improve your programming skills is to participate in programming competitions.
  • WiFi: Previously know as WICS (Women in Computer Science) is a club dedicated to bringing women together in order to assist them in furthering their skills and knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering disciplines.
  • Software Engineering Club: A group of students who pick out a project to work on each semester. Then they plan and execute the project during that semester. Past projects have been entered into (and won) D2L’s national competition.
  • Game Dev Club: A student organization that allows students of all majors to participate in the design and development process of video game creation.  Has taken students to video game conventions on multiple occasions to present their games as an indie game studio.
  • Anime Club: A cultural art and animation appreciation club for Japanese serialized entertainment.  Meets weekly to watch modern anime series in a theatre-like setting on campus.
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society: The premiere international honor society for computer sciences. Students need to have a 3.5 or higher GPA and 60 credits to be eligible.