PACISE 2012 – Victory!

The Programming Team competed in this year’s PACISE (The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators) competition.  PACISE is the annual conference for faculty who teach computer science or information systems in PASSHE schools and always includes a programming competition for students.

Our first team, Ship Derezzed! (Jessica Burns, Steve Bussey, and Danielle Johnston) placed first solving 4 of the 6 problems (NOT the one I submitted!)  Team Sigh (Josh Beck, Josiah Knoll, and Noah Kline) solved 2 problems and Hexadecimators (Emily Bruckart, TJ Dalious, and Fred Young) solved 1problem.

As part of the conference, they got to see a presentation by one of the engineers who helped develop Watson, so it was a successful trip on all fronts!

Back row: Noah Kline, Joshua Beck, Danielle Johnston, Fred Young, Josiah Knoll, and TJ Dalious.
Front row: Matt Miller, Steve Bussey, Jessica Burns, Emily Bruckart, and Matthew Hydock.