Downloading & Installing AutoCAD Civil3D

(Going Old School Again)



This folder contains 5 files whose names start with Autodesk_Civil3d_2020. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ALL THE FILES FOR THIS TO WORK! All the files except the executable and the final archive file are 1024M and might take some time to download depending on your network access.

PLEASE NOTE: The files NEED to be downloaded one at time.  Do NOT allow Google to merge them into a single archive or convert them to zip files as this process WILL make them unusable. If you see a box stating “Preparing download”, stop the process and make sure you only have ONE file selected when starting a download!

Please make sure all files are downloaded before requesting additional assistance.

When finished you should have all of the following files in the same folder:

  • Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.7z.001
  • Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.7z.002
  • Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.7z.003
  • Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.7z.004
  • Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.exe

Installation Directions

PLEASE NOTE: If all files, including the executable file, are not in the same folder, the extraction process WILL FAIL.

Once you have all the files download to the same folder / location on your computer, launch the self-extracting executable called Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.exe. You will be prompted to provide an alternate location to extract the installation folder to or accept the default which will extract the installation archive to your current location. Once completed, the process should have created a new folder Autodesk_Civil3d_2020.

If you have pending updates, you might need to restart your computer before you are able to run the installer. On a modern computer, the install will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

  1. Launch the installer by double-clicking on setup.exe
  2. You will be presented with this screen, select Install
  3. Read and accept the licensing agreement
  4. You will be presented with this screen, it is recommended that you remove “Program Files” from the installation path in the event that your user is not a local administrator. We have encountered permission issues in the past. Once your path is set, click install.
  5. During the installation, you will be asked if the software can restart certain system processes while it configures shell extensions. We recommend you allow this otherwise you will be required to reboot your machine before you will be able to complete the install.
  6. You will be presented with this screen after installation is complete, select “Launch Now”
  7. IF YOU ARE NOT ON CAMPUS, YOU WILL NEED TO CONNECT TO THE VPN BEFORE COMPLETING THE REMAINING STEPS TO ALLOW ACCESS TO THE LICENSING SERVER! (See HERE) The first time you start the software, you will be presented with a licensing screen, select Multi-user:
  8. You will be asked to specify a licensing server,  please enter in the field provided and select done.
  9. Your installation is complete.

Verify that the software is fully functional. As long as everything works as desired, you can delete both the archive and the Autodesk_Civil3d_2020 folder holding the installation files if you need disk space. Once you know your software is working, we recommend following the instruction to install SFTP Drive so you can access your files from the School of Engineering’s file server.

Redistribution of this software is in direct violation of the University’s computer usage policy.