Mid 1970s:  B.S. in Computer Science created within the Mathematics Department

May, 2000:  Department of Computer Science created

April 2004:  Programming Team competed in the ACM International Programming Competition World Finals

October, 2004:  B.S. in Computer Science accredited by ABET, Inc.

Spring 2005:  BROADSIDE Center created

September, 2011: B.S. in Computer Engineering created

Summer 2012:  Computer Engineering laboratory created

September, 2012: B.S. in Software Engineering created

Summer 2013:  Software Engineering laboratory created

April 2013:  Department name changed to Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Summer 2014: B.S. in Electrical Engineering proposed

Fall 2015: Crews are created

Fall 2015: B.S. in Electrical Engineering approved

Fall 2015: Software and Computer Engineering receive ABET Accreditation

Spring 2018: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.S. in Civil Engineering approved

Summer 2018: Department restructured into the School of Engineering

Summer 2022: Electrical Engineering receives ABET Accreditation

Fall 2022: School of Engineering renamed to Milton & Doreen Morgan School of Engineering