wellington Dr. Carol Wellington, Professor
Ph.D. University of North Carolina
Specialty: Software Engineering
Director of BROADSIDE Center
Email: merlin@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1424



  Dr. Alice Armstrong, Associate Professor
D.Sc. The George Washington University
Email: piffle@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1640
Personal URL: http://web.cs.ship.edu/~piffle
Office: MCT186
IMG_0239 - Version 2 Dr. Thomas Briggs, Professor – interim Chair of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Ph.D. University of Maryland Baltimore County
Specialties: Computer Engineering, Operating Systems, Semantic Web
Email: tbriggs@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1354
Personal URL: http://web.cs.ship.edu/~tbriggs
Office: MCT183
  Dr. Dudley Girard, Associate Professor
Ph.D. South Carolina University
Email: cdgira@ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1016
Office: MCT184
  Dr. Chen Huo, Assistant Professor – Chair of Computer, Electrical, and Software Engineering
Ph.D. University of Delaware
Research Interest: Program analysis, Software testing
Email: chuo@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1642
Office: MCT150
  Dr. Jeonghwa Lee, Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. University of Kentucky
Email: jlee@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1019
website: web.cs.ship.edu/~jlee
Office: MCT187
 unnamed Dr. Sangkook Lee, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Interest: Wireless Communication
Email: slee@cs.ship.edu
website: web.cs.ship.edu/~slee
Office: MCT185
Phone: 717-477-1426
  Dr. David Mooney, Associate Professor, Chair of Computer Science
Ph.D. University of Delaware
Email: djmoon@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1405
Office: MCT154
  Dr. Basir Shafiq Professor
Ph.D. University of Illinois – Chicago
Research Interest: Damage Assessment and Fatigue of Materials
Email: basir.shafiq@cs.ship.edu
Office: MCT182
Phone: 717-477-1575



Jody Burdge
Email: jlburdge@cs.ship.edu
Phone: 717-477-1424