MCT164 is the current home of the department’s study area. The room is equipped with a dozen workstations using the standard system configuration plus additional workspace for students who choose to use their personal machines. This provides the students a proper location with easy access to all of the software used in our various computer labs. This lab is where students in need of assistance with coursework will find the department’s tutors. Two room length whiteboards provide plenty of space for working out problems or just blowing off steam with a colorful collections of memes.

Our current machines are  Alienware Aurora R4s with the following specifications:

These machines are over-clocked to run all 12 threads at 4GHz and can be configured to run up to 4.5 GHz for special projects.

In addition to studying, this room is often used by students clubs and is the current home of the WiCS-E Wonderfall.