MCT162, our Software Engineering lab is not your typical computer lab. This room is furnished and equipped to accommodate the needs of our software engineering classes. With 20 pair programming workstations equipped with wheels, the room is nearly 100% re-configurable. Power for the workstations is provided by one of the multiple retractable ceiling drops or any of the outlets along the perimeter of the room. With the addition of a 12 person planning table, a group discussion corner and over 50 linear feet of white board, this room has been specifically designed to support the concepts of a true agile development environment.

Our current machines are Dell OptiPlex 7010 micro form factor. Equipped with Intel i5-13500T processors, 16GB of RAM and 27″ multi-touch screens, these machines are more than sufficient to meet the needs of our software engineering courses. The workstations are configured to allow students to easily disconnect the display in order to provide more work area at the stations. All the student machines use wireless networking in order to support the flexibility of the room’s design.  These machines are all using the standard dual-boot configuration.

When not actively in use for classes, this is a popular place for students to study, work on code or simply hang out. This room is also the meeting place for many student organizations including the Software Engineering Club and Programming Team.