VPN & RDP Directions for School of Engineering Students

For technical reasons, RDP access is disabled by default and is ONLY available by request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only request RDP access if your personal machine is either not compatible or is unable to run the software you need. Your request should include the software you need to access and the course you are taking. The request must be sent to both support and your professor. If working in a group, please include the email addresses of all group members.

Please follow these steps to use RDP over VPN:

  1. Download and install the appropriate VPN client software ( WINDOWS   MAC )
  2. Launch the client and use the ENGR login credentials used to access the lab computers.
    (Use directions available here: WINDOWS   MAC)
  3. Accept the certificate by pressing OK
  4. Launch Remote Desktop Connection on Windows or using your preferred RDP software on MacOS –  we recommend and support the following RDP software: Microsoft Remote Desktop 10
  5. Connect to the computer to which you were assigned.
  6. Login using your ENGR.SHIP.EDU account credentials (ab1234@engr.ship.edu and the password you use to log into the computer lab machines)
  7. Use the lab machine as needed (Remember that during an RDP session you are actually using the computer in the lab and it will not be able to see devices attached to your local machine, such as USB drives.)
  8. When done using the machine, click the Start button and then click the Sign Out tile to log off of the machine and end the remote desktop session. PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO SHUTDOWN THE COMPUTER!
  9. Disconnect from the VPN (This is critical as there are a finite number of VPN licenses)

Please note: Failure to terminate the VPN session and thereby freeing up the resource for use by other students could result in a temporary or permanent suspension of access.
If working in groups, only one student needs to connect to the VPN and should use Zoom to share the RDP session with their partner.

RDP assignments for School of Engineering machines will begin Friday, March 27th!

IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ISSUES: Please email support@engr.ship.edu from either your SHIP email or SoE Gmail account and state that you are having RDP issues and include the computer name you were assigned to. REMEMBER: IF YOU SHUTDOWN YOUR ASSIGNED REMOTE COMPUTER, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT YOUR ACCESS CAN BE RESTORED!

ONE FINAL NOTE: You are using RDP and the lab machines to run this software because it is processor intensive. There have already been reports of certain simulations creating enough system load to disrupt the RDP connection. In these cases, close and re-open your RDP client and try to re-establish your connection before proceeding further. If the machine stops responding, please email support with your assigned station number and we will attempt to restore your RDP access. Thank you.