User Accounts Explained

As a student enrolled in a class in the School of Engineering, there are three separate accounts which will apply to things you will use: (AA9999 should be replaced with your user id)
  1. SHIP.EDU account ( This is your main user account provided by the University. It is used to access resources available to ALL students on campus. These include: D2L, Banner, Email, Zoom, Microsoft Office and access to computer labs OUTSIDE of the School of Engineering.
  2. ENGR Domain Account: ( This is the account which would be used to use the computers in the School of Engineering labs. This is also used to access resources such as the VPN, Sloop and Clipper. You will have received an email with these credentials prior to the start of your course or your first semester declared in one of the School of Engineering programs. You will rarely need to use the full domain when accessing resources (meaning you will rarely use the
  3. ENGR Gmail Account: ( This is a sponsored GMail account which uses our domain as part of the email address. Older accounts would be CS.SHIP.EDU instead of the current ENGR.SHIP.EDU. Specific information pertaining to this can be found at FAQ #6 on the Frequently Asked Questions page found at:     
Please understand, each of these accounts is separate, unique account and changing the password on one has no impact on the others.