Resources and Updates for School of Engineering

While we appreciate that many students are concerned about how their classes will progress in the current conditions, we ask that everyone be patient and realize we are working hard to accommodate the needs of all the students who are part of the School of Engineering. At this time, it is important that we direct our efforts into properly planning, re-configuring and documenting the processes which will need to be followed to ensure that the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester is a productive and successful one.

Rather than make you search through the entire website for resource information and directions, we will be setting up informational pages with links to additional details. Please bear with us during this time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Latest Update (4/3/2020): Update Includes the following:

  • Due to the number of students reporting network issues while downloading the large Solidworks file, an alternate approach was identified and new directions were posted on the Alternate Solidworks Installation page. PLEASE NOTE: This requires you to be logged into your School of Engineering GMail account.
  • Added a link to the Essential Software page for the alternate download and installation method for Solidworks.
  • Updated tutoring hours for some tutors.

Update (4/1/2020): Update Includes the following:

  • Added a link to the new detailed clarification page on the VPN & RDP Support page further clarifying the information in the IMPORTANT NOTE section at the top of the page.
  • Added link to theĀ detailed clarification page to both the OrCAD and Solidworks installation guides as the both the first alternative step if they are unable to install the software and an optional final step in the event that the software runs poorly on their machine.
  • Added Links to the Updates section of the page you are currently reading.

Update (3/31/2020): Update Includes the following:

Update (3/27/2020): Update Includes the following:

Update (3/26/2020): Update Includes the following:

Update (3/25/2020): Update Includes the following: